Liverpool University Hardcopy Archive

For years Martin Davies maintained a hardcopy archive of Systemic papers at Stirling University. In 2003, the archive migrated into the care of Geoff Thompson at Liverpool University. The collection contains papers, books, theses, etc. - relating to Systemic Linguistics. The curators are currently organising the material, and hope to have the catalogue available online and to set up a system so that people can have access to the holdings.

The curators would like to keep extending the archive, so if anyone would like to add any documents, they will be very happy to receive them. Please send them to:

Geoff Thompson
School of English
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 7ZR

Nottingham Monographs & Occassional Papers

During the 1980s and 1990s, Nottingham University published a series of Systemic monographs (single author books) and occassional papers (collections of papers). With the retirement of Margaret Berry, these valuable publications became difficult to access. In 2005, the store of publications was transfered to Geoff Thompson's care, and are now available from the University of Liverpool.

To access a list of these books, prices, and how to order, open the order form here.