Systemic Functional Association of Nigeria

President: Dr Gbenga Ibileye
Secretary: Mr Ode J. Ekpeme
Treasurer: Mrs M. A. Ajibola
Advisers:  Dr T. Y. Surakat, Ernest Akerejola (Ernest is temporarilly in Australia)

The Systemic Functional Association of Nigeria (SYSFLAN) was started in 1998, to serve the interests of Systemicists in Nigeria. Our objectives include the following:

  1. to revive, encourage and continue research on SFL,
  2. to organize national/international seminars & workshops -the first national conference is being proposed for April 1999.
  3. to link up with the international SFL body & individual members.
  4. to spread the SFL "gospel" throughout the country and Africa
  5. to float a jounal of SFL, and
  6. to establish a SFL library to encourage research.

Being in a country where SFL is not, comparatively, popular, we would need your encouragement to survive and to grow. The encouragement required is in terms of books, journals, conference papers, cassetes(old and new) in any area of SFL). Such materials could be sent to Dr Gbenga Ibileye, Department of English, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

A report on the 2004 meeting of the association is available here.

Further enquiries could be directed through the email address: Telephone Contact: (234) 69-550796

2006 Report here