Sentence Analysis Systems

The following are programs based on SFL which allow automatic analysis of text:

Name Author Description
WAG Mick O'Donnell Description: Developed under funding from Fujitsu (1991-92), this system allowed parsing of sentences using the full Hallidayan formalism, although only a cut-down version of Penman's generation grammar could be handled. Coverage was not great, and speed, very slow. I eventually abandoned development of this system because it became impractically slow as the grammar grew.

Platform: Not distributed. 
Web Page:

L&C Parser
Mick O'Donnell, Frederik Copens, Joeri van der Vloet
Description:  During 2001-2003, Mick O'Donnell led a team at Language & Computing nv. which developed a wide-coverage parser for English (and a smaller coverage system for Dutch). This system used a dependency-version of the Systemic formalism. The parser has a reasonable level of accuracy, and is very quick. Unfortunately, there is no distribution of this system.

Availability: Not distributed

UAM Parser
Mick O'Donnell
Description: I am developing a new parser, this time using a unifunctional Systemic formalism (only one layer of function structure allowed, and thus no conflation). Hopefully a first release will be made late 2005.
Platform: Windows, Linux/Unix.
Availability: Free
Web Page: ??