Text Generation Systems

The following are programs based on SFL which generate text from semantic input.

Name Author Description
KPML John Bateman,
Description: KPML is a Systemic Text Generation system and grammar development environment. It is an extension on the Penman text generation syste, developed at Information Sciences Institute (ISI) in Los Angeles (principal architects Bill Mann and Christian Matthiessen). John Bateman took over the system in the early 90s, and extended it to be multilingual, and has vastely improved the grammar editing environment. Grammars have been developed for German (Elke Teich, Brigite Brote, ...), Dutch, etc. 

KPML offers sentence generation from a semantic input (SPLs). Graphing of system networks, systemic structures, etc. Can handle multiple grammars simultaneously. 
Platform: Unix, Linux, Windows. 
Cost: Free. 
Web Page: http://purl.org/net/kpml

WAG Mick O'Donnell Description: WAG (Workbench for Analysis and Generation) is a system for generating sentences from a semantic specification. WAG was a re-engineering of the Penman system, improving some of the problems in that system (for instance, declarative inter-stratal mapping). WAG includes its own knowledge representation engine, similar to LOOM, that used in Penman, but more systemic-based.

 WAG has been used for grammars in English, Spanish, Italian and Greek, although only on a small scale (however, KPML offers much more in regards to multilingual processing). WAG forms the core of the ILEX system, both for KR and sentence generation. It was also originally the core of the M-Piro system, until replaced by a re-implementation of WAG into Java by Jo Calder. WAG is not currently maintained for release, but may be released in the future, when the authore gets some free time.    
Availability: Awaiting update... 
Platform: Unix, Linux, Windows.
Web Page: http://www.wagsoft.com/wag.html

Multex 2.0 Systemic Meaning Modelling Group Description: Multex is a high-performance multilingual and multimodal text planner. Multex 2.0 is an integrated environment for testing out text planning process, and for visually developing grammar. Many new exciting features have been implemented in this new version. Platform: Macintosh. 
Availability: ?? 
Web Page: http://minerva.ling.mq.edu.au/research/Multex/Doc/DomainModel/DomainModelDoc.htm
Communal Robin Fawcett,
Gordon Tucker,
Description:The Computational Linguistics Unit, Cardiff University have developed a sentence generation system called Communal. It doesn't generate from semantic input, but rather requires the user to traverse the system network, choosing a feature at each point. Large semantic-oriented network, called Genesys

For More Information: fawcett@cardiff.ac.uk, tuckerg@cardiff.ac.uk

FUF Michael Elhadad Description: FUF is a generalised unification tool. For text generation, it uses the SURGE grammar (Systemic Unification Realization Grammar of English), which is a mixture of Halliday and HPSG. 
Platform: ?? 
Availability: ?? 
Web Page: http://www.cs.bgu.ac.il/research/projects/surge/index.htm