Courseware based on SFL


A CD for introducing some aspects of functional discourse analysis to students.

Available for both Macintosh and IBM platforms, "Language in Contexts" is a CD-ROM for introducing some aspects of functional discourse analysis to students. The program is designed to take the user into 7 different settings where they can access videoclips of authentic language samples.

These settings are:

  • a university
  • a lawyer's office
  • a restaurant
  • a school
  • a winery
  • a doctor's surgery
  • a hairdresser's

Transcripts of the interactions are provided, along with focus questions. Various functional linguistic analyses are introduced by means of interactive exercises. The program can be used by:

  • students of linguistics and communications
  • advanced students of English as a Second Language
  • professionals, such as teachers, doctors and lawyers, with an interest in workplace communication

For further information:

Anne Thwaite
School of Education
Edith Cowan University
Bradford St, Mt Lawley 6050


CD-ROM, Academic Writing: a language-based approach

The CD- ROM, Academic Writing: a language-based approach is now available. It is an interactive CD-ROM developed by Robyn Woodward-Kron and myself at the University of Wollongong as part of the major in English Language Studies, specifically to address the academic writing needs of non-English speaking background (NESB) students. It is also suitable for English speaking students making the transition from high school to university who feel they need guidance on the writing demands of the academy.

The program content has been informed by SFL and is divided up into three sections. The first section, The Big Picture models annotated essays/reports/case studies etc from a range of disciplines including History, Management, Engineering, Creative Arts and Philosophy. The second section, The Middle Ground looks at paragraphs and their structure introducing Theme and thematic development, while the third section, Up Close looks at the clause and the resource of nominalisation and other grammatical systems relating to tenor which are characteristic of academic writing.

Initially, the package was designed to be incorporated into an existing writing curriculum, as well as used as a resource in university learning centres. However, it can also function as a stand-alone, self-study resource and would be useful as reference material for teachers and academics.

The CD-ROM sells for AUS$55 (includes GST) per unit. Alternatively, site licenses are available to be used in computer labs. The price will depend on the number of machines on which you may wish to load the software. As an indication, a site license for 10 machines is approximately $165 (includes GST). At the moment the CD-ROM is for Macintosh only, although we hope to have a PC version available in 2001.

If you wish to look at the price list or have a look at our low-tech demo version, visit out web site at or else contact me at .

Elizabeth Thomson
Japanese and English Language Studies
Modern Languages Program
Faculty of Arts
University of Wollongong
ph 612 4221 4002
fax 612 4221 4282


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Building Understandings in Literacy and Teaching: A resource for teachers of literacy