SFL Corpora and Related Resources

(See also: SFL Computational Grammars)

Name Author Description
Systemic Process Type Database Amy Neale An excel database of around 2400 verbs, giving different senses, and their process type analysis under Robin Fawcett's version of the grammar.
Systemic Process Type Database Inas Mahfouz A database of 350 verb senses analysed using the Halliday and Matthiessen approach.

Author's Description: This Process Type DataBase (PTDB) makes use of Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG) as expounded by M.A. K. Halliday and Matthiessen (2004) to determine the process type related to each sense of polysemous verbs. The researcher adopts the view that the sense of the verb affects the process type that this verb realizes. Hence polysemous verbs may realize more than one process type. The present database comprises 310 senses, fixed expressions and idioms as well as phrasal verbs. The researcher lists the various senses of polysemous verbs and the process type realized by each of them along with the macro and micro contexts where each of these senses usually appears. The data of analysis is extracted from the BNC- Baby. This corpus appeared in August 2004. The researcher analyzes the most frequent verbs in the various domains of this corpus. The PTDB comprises seven columns: the verb, its total frequency, its various senses, the process type realized by each sense, the micro context, the macro context and notes. Finally, this PTDB is intended as a lifetime project that the researcher dreams of developing in order to pave the way towards automatic Transitivity analysis.

Availability:Email the author: inas.mahfouz AT gmail.com