Coding Programs

The following are programs which allow you to assign features to segments of text:

Name Author Description
UAM CorpusTool Mick O'Donnell A tool that facilitates the linguistic annotation of a text corpora. The user specifies multiple layers of analysis (e.g., Document, Sentence, Clause, Group, etc.) and annotates each text at that layer.
The user can then perform search across layers (e.g., passive-clause in english; finite-clause containing pronoun:subject). Statistical studies can also be performed on the corpus, currently in terms of constrastive statistics between two subsets. CorpusTool will also produce statistics on lexical density of texts.
Platform: Windows, MacOSX
Cost: Free. 
SysFan Christian Matthiessen, 
Canzhong Wu
Description: SysFan is a computational tool that facilitates the systemic-functional analysis of texts. SysFan allows you to analyse the texts lexicogrammatically by making selections from menus, fields or networks, and saves the records into a database, which can then be browsed, modified or searched. The search results can be statistically displayed or exported to those in a form compatible to statistical packages such as MS Word, or Microsoft Excel. 
Platforms: Macintosh, Windows
Cost: Free. 
Website: here
Systemics Kevin Judd,
Kay O'Halloran
Description: Systemics is designed to allow efficient and comprehensive discourse analysis of text from the perspective of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL). Systemics is designed to be used for both academic and postgraduate research and also for the teaching of SFL in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. However, as the pre-programmed grammar in Systemics can be modified, the discourse analysis undertaken with this software can incorporate other theoretical perspectives. 
Platforms: All platforms. 
Available: From March 2002. 
Cost: ASEAN Countries: $SGD60 ($SGD45 for students). Others: US $45/AUD $65.
Distributor: Singapore University Press.
Contact: Email Kay O'Halloran 
Grammar Explorer John Bateman Description: A tool for coding text examples, or for exploring KPML grammars. One can type in individual sentences, or specify a text file to load, with segment boundaries indicated. Results can be saved for later processing. One can use either an existing KPML (see below) grammar, or write your own. 
Platforms: Windows, Linux/Unix (On Linux/Unix requires Franz Allegro Common Lisp (4.3 or better) and the Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM 2.0 or better) are required to compile and run this source)
Cost: Free.