Unsworth, L. ed. (2000) Researching Language In Schools And Communities: Functional Linguistic Perspectives. London: Cassell.


1 Developing socially responsible language research
Frances Christie and Len Unsworth

2 Getting started with functional analysis of texts
Louise Ravelli

3 Researching first language development in children
Clare Painter

4 Researching second and foreign language development
Gillian Perrett

5 Children's Literature, Children and Uses of Language Description
Geoffrey Williams

6 Researching everyday talk
Suzanne Eggins

7 Socio-semantic variation: Different wordings, different meanings
Carmel Cloran

8 The language of classroom interaction and learning
Frances Christie

9 Exploring reading processes
Linda Gerot

10 Interpreting literature: The role of APPRAISAL
Joan Rothery and Maree Stenglin

11 Investigating subject-specific literacies in school learning
Len Unsworth

12 Close reading: functional linguistics as a tool for critical discourse analysis
J.R. Martin