Announcing our forthcoming publication:

Getting Started with Functional Grammar
Louise Droga and Sally Humphrey
ISBN  0 9580440 0 7
Publication date July 2002
Published by Target Texts

Available for immediate distribution from July 8 2002. For all enquiries contact:
Target Texts
PO Box 359
Berry NSW 2535

Getting Started with Functional Grammar is a comprehensive workbook for students studying within the field of systemic functional linguistics. It contains clearly laid out text-based exercises for developing and applying the skills of grammatical analysis. Ideal as a tutorial workbook within a course of study or for those working independently in flexible delivery and self study modes.

The major features of Getting Started with Functional Grammar are:

  • a wide range of engaging texts selected to illustrate particular aspects of the grammar
  • comprehensive and accessible grammar summaries and troubleshooting guides
  • exercises which focus on the grammatical analysis of clauses in terms of how they realise experiential, interpersonal and textual meanings across whole texts
  • clearly set out tables for students' analysis
  • questions and answers which model ways of commenting on analysis
  • exercises for introducing students to the system of Appraisal

  • Getting Started with Functional Grammaris a valuable and time saving resource for those teaching a functional grammar and a practical and comprehensive guide for those learning it.

    Louise Droga has an extensive classroom teaching background and worked as a literacy consultant with the Disadvantaged Schools Program in Sydney. In this role,  she worked on both the Language and Social Power and Write it Right projects. At a tertiary level Louise has lectured in language education, TESOL and applied linguistics.

    Sally Humphrey is a lecturer in the Learning Centre at the University of Sydney and in the Education Faculty at the University of Technology. She was also involved in research and consultancy on the Write it Right project, where she investigated the literacy demands of school geography. She has lectured in teacher education, applied linguistics and English for academic purposes.

    In this book we address the many issues which have arisen in our experience of both introducing a functional grammar to students and dealing with the complexities encountered by students as they go further with grammatical analysis.