Systemics and Education: People

The following is a list of email addresses (and sometimes surface mail addresses) of people interested in educational issues. To join this list, email to: Judith Diamondstone at

Al-Sharah, Nayel

Bell, Mark A.
Apt.12 - 11 Cottonwood Cr.
North Ryde, N.S.W. 2113
Home Page:
Bracken, Kathleen 34NLBDV@CMICH.EDU

Butt, David

Callow, Jon

Chen, Hsiu-chieh

Chen, Yueh-miao

Collins, Heloisa
Post-graduate Programme in Applied Linguistics
Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

currently responsible for the design of ESP correspondence
course for professionals in the business context
via the Internet. Course content includes text organisation,
expression of various common correspondence purposes,
suitability of choices to addressee.
- combining Functional Systemic approach to language
with theoretically sound modes of instruction

Conduit, Anne
Sophia University

Teaching: university freshman conversation
students (Japan) university sophomore conversation students
(Japan) teacher trainee writing university (Japan)
oral presentation skills university (Japan)
returnee students conversation university (Japan)
Training: various levels of intercultural awareness programs in
Japanese corporations
Research: intercultural negotiation in human resources management (Japan)

Crawford, Maryann K.

Cromie, David
Rowan College Professor, Linguistics

Cullip, Peter F
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Sarawak, Malaysia

Davies, Martin
St. Margaret's Drive,
DUNBLANE, Perthshire,
Scotland, FK15 0DP
Tel/Fax: +44 1786 822193

INTEREST: how Information Structure is indicated in
writing, when there is no explicit representation
of Intonation in the writing system.
The contribution of prosodic cohesion to discourse
structure, the relevance of historical linguistics to synchronic
teaching, and the origins and nature of the concept of "Standard
English". Presentations of the intonation/writing problem for
practitioners at gradually diminishing levels of technicality

DeStefano, Johanna

Diamondstone, Judith
Language and literacy
Graduate School of Education
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

INTEREST: Curricular resources for middle and high school

Diaz-Santos, Gilbert

Donahue, Mary Lee
(609) 256-4500 x 3459

Du, Huijun
English Department
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
303, #25, Ln.600
Guoding Rd, Shanghai 200433, P.R.China

INTERESTS: currently teaching adults (Chinese) ABC English, and
university freshman and sophomore business English
- more interested in oral presentation skills

Ferguson, Lenore

INTEREST: Educational linguistics
teaching, preservice and inservice.

Forey, Gail

Fries, Peter

Gilbert, Janet

Hartnett, Carolyn

Hasan, Ruquaiya

Hazelrigg, A. Cecilia
ABD, Educational Linguistics
Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
College of Education, Hokona Hall 140
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Primary interest: Applications of SFL approach to Information
Structure to teachingsecond-language reading comprehension.

Hilliard, Barbara

INTEREST: application of SFL to tertiary literacy in the
context of learning assistance for students attending
this Australian University.

Hood, Susan

Lemke, Jay

Leung, Pamela

Lewin, Beverly (temporary) (permanent)
INTEREST: genre analysis, scientific writing.

Loo Siang Yen, Angela
Centre for English Language Communication
National University of Singapore
Tel: 65-68743871
INTERESTS: using systemic functional grammar to analyse writing drafts
of university students (both undergrads and postgrads); currently
reviewing and editing papers on SFG in relation to education for a
regional journal.

Martin, Jim
Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney.
INTERESTS: Has been involved in the development of genre based
literacy programs in Australia since 1979, especially
with respect to primary and secondary mother tongue

Martínez Lirola, Maria
McGowan, Ursula
Senior Lecturer, Academic Staff Development
Deputy Director, Centre for Learning and Professional Development
The University of Adelaide
South Australia 5005
phone: +61 8 8303 4745
fax: +61 8 8303 3553

Miller, Donna
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature,
Via Cartoleria 5, 40125 Bologna, Italy

INTEREST: SFL-oriented theory
and practical applications to EFL-ESL at university level.

Mohan, Bernie

Moyano, Estela Inés
Interests: genre based literacy in Spanish as mother tongue, literacy
in science in secondary schools, scientific writing in Spanish, academic writing in Spanish.

O'Halloran, Kay
INTEREST: mathematics education - in particular,
the multimodal construction of mathematical texts
(ie. the use of mathematical symbolism, visual display
and natural language), the differential nature of
pedagogical discourses of maths classroooms according
to social class and gender, and inherent difficulties
in learning mathematics in a classroom environment.

Perrett, Gillian

Pinfold, Christy

Ravelli, Louise
School of Modern Languages
University of New South Wales
Sydney 2052 Australia
fx +61 2 9385 1190

INTEREST: literacy (esp' written and visual),
and broad definitions of 'education' eg communicating to
the public in specialised contexts, such as museums, and
specialised adult communication training, eg in business.

Royce, Terry
Teachers College, Columbia University
MA in TESOL Program (off-campus program)

Santos, Mauro

Scheeres, Hermine
Language and Literacy
School of Adult Education
University of Technology, Sydney

Sebastiao Rodrigues Junior, Adail
NET (Nucleo de Estudos da Traducao at Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Av. Antonio Carlos, 6627 - Pampulha, Brazil

INTEREST: I am a doctorate student at Federal University of Minas Gerais,
Brazil, and I am currently investigating Gay representation via translation
from the transitivity system model perspective developed by Halliday (1985, 1994) and
revisited by Halliday & Matthiessen (2004). I am also interested in
investigating the role the National Curriculum Parameters (Brazilian
Portuguese Language and Foreign Language) play on the understanding of
language as a means of representing social practices and realities in
school settings. To reach this goal a more accurate attention will be
given to the interconnection between ideational, interpersonal and
textual metafunctions.

Serrano, Jesús L.

I.E.S. Luis Carrillo de Sotomayor, Baena, Córdoba

My intention is to develop a project to apply Halliday's approach to
teach English as a second language in Spain. I hope to present it to
the government. Any advice, suggestion are welcome.

Soh, Constance

Talib, Ismail S
Dr Ismail S Talib
Dept of English Language & Literature
National University of Singapore
Singapore 119260
tel: (65) 874 6045
home page:

Torr, Jane
teacher educator

INTERESTS: first language development from birth to 8 years.

Thwaite, Anne

Unsworth, Len
Senior Lecturer, School of Teaching and Curriculum Studies,
Faculty of Education, University of Sydney,
New South Wales, Australia, 2006.
Phone (local): (02) 9351 3687
FAX (local): (02) 9351 4765
Phone (international): 61 2 9351 3687
FAX (international): 61 2 9351 4765

Vitto, Cindy
Rowan College Professor, English

Wells, Gordon

Williams, Geoffrey

Wortham, Stanton

Wu, Canzhong

Wyatt, Bob
Dept. of Extension and Specialization Courses
Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

INTERESTS: Currently, I'm involved in developing Computer Mediated
Distance Language Courses for the Internet.
My M.A. dissertation focussed on the use of SFG
(principally MOOD) in Language Description for ESP based courses.

Zammit, Katina
Lecturer - Language and Literacy
Faculty of Education - Primary Division
University of Western Sydney, Macarthur
PO Box 555
Campbelltown. NSW. Australia. 2560
Ph: 61 2 9772 9200 Fax: 61 2 9772 1565

INTEREST: Implementing functional grammar and genre
in classrooms K-6; using Fg for improving students
reading of texts; use of sfg for analysing
computer mulitmedia texts and implications for education.