Teaching of Systemic Functional Linguistics:
Middle East


Bar-Ilan University

Jonathan Fine, English Department, Linguistics Division

Web: http://www.biu.ac.il/HU/en/home/f02e.htm

Jonathan teaches the following courses which are primarilly SFL in nature:

  • 37-471 Applied Discourse Analysis: Introduces the tools for text analysis focusing on ideational, interpersonal and textual views of language. Various semesters.
  • 37-981 Language and Psychiatry: The relationship between language and psychiatric disorders, based on systemic theory, theoretical issues and the analysis of texts. Various semesters 
  • 37-996 Cohesion: Study of both theoretical and text analyses of cohesion. The work involves analyses of texts and the relation of those analyses to processing, educational and genre issues. Various semesters.
  • 37-9XX Structure of social interaction: Analysis of interaction in context by looking at a range of meaning systems, realisations and how they interact to create social processes. Various semesters
  • 37-9XX Conversation interaction: Intensive study of the structure and function of conversational interaction, based on the interpersonal metafunction of systemic functional linguistics. Various semesters 
Jonathan File is also available to supervise Ph.D.s in SFL. His research interests include: Discourse Analysis, Conversational Analysis, Language of Psychiatric Disorders (schizophrenia, ADHD, autism, depression, etc.), Systemic Functional Theory.

Jonathan Fine
Department of English
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat-Gan Israel
Email: finejo@mail.biu.ac.il