Yong, Heming
Guangdong Commercial College
People's Republic of China

Professor Yong Heming
Foreign Language Department
Guangdong Commercial College
Guangzhou (510320)
Guangdong Province
People's Republic of China


Strand: educational

Title: A Functional Approach to Chinese English and China English

Traditionally Chinese English is strongly denounced by English teachers and educators as undesirable and derogatory and must be avoided in speaking and writing, which has proved hardly possible no matter how hard you try. In the light of modern linguistic theories, especially psycholinguistic theories and language acquisition theories, Chinese English, just like any other English "variety" arising from the so-called improper use of English due to interferences from native language and culture, is actually a necessary and inevitable stage any foreign language learner must go through on their way to success in foreign language learning. Functionally speaking, Chinese English has its own role to play in the process of English learning. It serves as a transitional bridge which links the early premature stage of English learning to the near-perfect stage. In this presentation the author also distinguishes Chinese English from China English, which is a variety arising from the necessity of expressing things which are specific and unique to China and, therefore, is more culturally oriented and loaded.