Keshavarz, Dr. Mohammad Hossein
University for Teacher Education
Tehran, Iran

M. H. Keshavarz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Linguistics and
Chair, Dept. of Foreign Languages
University for Teacher Education
PO Box 15815-1649

Strand: other: sociolinguistics and phonology

Title: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Metathesis in Persian

Review of literature shows that metathesis, as a phonological process, has not been studied from a sociolinguistic perspective to date. Thus, in order to make a contribution to the field of sociolinguistics the present study seeks to investigate the relationship between extralinguistic parameters such as sex, age, and social class and the use of 'metathesis' in modern Persian. Along these lines, data were elicited from four socioeconomically different groups of Persian speakers in Tehran. The statistical analyses of the data indicate that there is a close correlation between sociolinguistic variables and the use of 'metathesis' in Persian.

Key Words: sociolinguistics, phonological processes, metathesis, modern Persian