Systemic Conferences by Organisation

NOTE: this page is phasing out. Please refer to the Conferences by Date page here.

International Systemic-Functional Congress (ISFC)

The Major Systemic Conference, held since the Seventies.

Future Conferences: 

  • 44th ISFC 2017, July 10-14, University of Wollongong, Australia. Chair: Pauline Jones. Followed by a post-conference Institute (17-19 July). Contact: Abstracts due by 15th December, 2016.
  • 45th ISFC, July 23-27, 2018, Boston College, Boston, USA. Convenor: Maria Brisk. Pre-conference courses: July 19-21.

European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference & Workshop (ESFLCW)

A European branch of the school. Initially known as the Nottingham Systemic Workshop, and then changed to the Euro-Internalional Systemic-Functional Workshop. As of 2005, it is known as the European SFL Conference and Workshop. In recent years, conferences have been in Nottingham (1992), Madrid (1993), Antwerp (1994), Valencia (1995), Nottingham (1996), Halle (1997), Liverpool (1998), Gent (1999), Glasgow (2000). Brest (2001), Lisbon (2002), Leeds (2003), Miraflores, Spain (2004) London (2005), Gorizia, Italy (2006), Saarbrucken, Germany (2007), Helsinki (2008), Cardiff (2009), Koper (2010), Bertinoro (2012), Coventry (2013), Paris (2014), Aachen (2015), Salzburg:

Future Conferences:

  • 2017 June 29-July 1, Salamanca, Spain. Convenor: Izaskun Elorza. General Theme: Systemic Functional Linguistics at the Crossroads: Intercultural and Contrastive Descriptions of Language. The conference will also include the Colloquium "Systemic Functional Linguistics in/of Spanish" and the second edition of the Colloquium "Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Assumptions in SFL".
  • 2018 July, Pavia, Italy. Convenor: Maria Freddi.
  • 2020 Sheffield, U.K.. Convenor: Nick Moore.

Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association (ASFLA)

The Australian branch of the school. See their web-site here. Recent meetings have been in Adelaide (??), Brisbane (1994), Sydney (??), Wollongong (1997), Adelaide (1998), Sydney (2002), Adelaide (2003), Brisbane (2004), Armidale (2006), Sydney (2007), Kelvin Grove(2009), Adelaide (2010), Armidale (2011), Melbourne (2013), Sydney (2014), Brisbane (2015)

Future Meetings:

  • 2016 Pre-conference institutes before ASFLA , September 26th. North Sydney campus of The Australian Catholic University.
  • 2016 ASFLA conference , September 27-29. North Sydney campus of The Australian Catholic University. Abstracts by 24th March. Convenors: Sally Humphrey and Shooshi Dreyfus.

Chinese Systemic Workshop

The Chinese branch of the school. Alternates between the Chinese Systemic Conference, and a conference on discourse analysis.
  • 12th Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference: November 10-12, 2011. Location: Communication University of PLA and the Nanjing Normal University in Nanjin. Plenaries include: Halliday, Hasan, Martin and Matthiessen. Conference fee:700 RMB (students:350RMB). Abstracts due: April 30th. Working languages: Chinese and English. Contact:

Japan Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics

The Japanese branch of the school. Click here to visit their web-page.

 Future Meetings:

  • JASFL 2013 Autumn Conference: October 12, 13, Kanagawa University, Yokohama. Contact Noriko Ito (

Latin American Systemic Functional Linguistics Association

The Latin American association. See association website here.
  • 2013 IIX Congreso ALSFAL. Pontificia Universidad Cat´┐Żlica de Chile. Convenor: Teresa Oteiza. 8-11 October.
  • 2014 X Congreso ALSFAL. Mendoza, Argentina (overlapping with the ISFC).
  • 2015 XI Congreso ALSFAL. Santa Maria, Brazil
  • 2016 XII Congreso ALSFAL. Colombia. Convenor: Gillian Moss.
  • 2017 XIII Congreso ALSFAL. Cordoba, Argentina
  • 2018 XIV Congreso ALSFAL. Brazil (to be confirmed)

North American Systemic Functional Linguistics Association

2016 meeting: The 2016 meeting of NASFLA will be held at the American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference, 2016 in Orlando, FL Sunday, April 10 12:45-1:55pm in Hilton Orlando, Lake Highland B.