Latin American Systemic Functional Linguistics Association

Asociación de Lingüística Sistémico-Funcional de América Latina

Associação de Linguistica Sistemico-Funcional da América Latina

The association was formally created March 31st 2005. The first steps towards founding the Association were taken in April 2004 in Mendoza, Argentina, at the First Latin American Regional Conference on Systemic Functional Linguistics. At a meeting held at the end of the conference, the participants agreed to work towards the formation of a regional association. Later, a Constituent Committee was set up and, by consensus, defined the statutes of the new Association, and drafted the constitution in the three official languages of the Association: Spanish, Portuguese and English. Statutes and Constitution were then submitted to a vote in which all those who were present at the initial meeting, along with others who, in the interim, had expressed the desire to join the Association, were invited to participate. With 22 votes in favour and none against, the Association was officially created on March 31st 2005.

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