The workshop will be held within the Waterloo Campus of King's College London. This is positioned quite conveniently on the South Bank of the Thames in the heart of London and is very close to Waterloo train station. The South Bank has become the focus of much attention and investment over the past few years and is fast becoming a socially dynamic area of London. There are a number of riverside restaurants and pubs that can be taken advantage of and the area is also served by a range of supermarkets and convenience shops. In either direction along the South Bank there are a range of historical and cultural attractions such as, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, The Tate Modern Art Gallery, The Saatchi Gallery and the London Eye. From the Waterloo Campus accessing central London is easy both by foot and public transport, with a ten minute walk taking you to places such as Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, The West End and Westminster.

How to get there

Go to the website:


and click on 'Travel and Tourist Information' and then on 'Travelling to London'

Map of the campus

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Things to do

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Getting Around

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