Call for Papers/Workshops

We invite submission of abstracts for papers and workshops to the workshop. We prefer proposals to be relevant to the theme but we welcome a variety of approaches and methods, and will consider other topics within and in relation to Systemic-Functional Linguistics.

Paper presentations will be 25 minutes long plus 10 minutes for questions.

Workshop sessions with a substantial amount of hands-on activity are particularly welcome and will be allocated two-hour-long slots. The two-hours of a workshop needs to be distributed into three broad sections, roughly as follows:

  1. introduction - how the workshop is going to run, the underpinning of, and explanation of, the activity, or activities (about 30mins),
  2. the activity itself (either as group work/discussion (in which case it is useful to appoint a rapporteur) or individual work (about 20-40 mins)
  3. reporting - report back on the activity and open discussion.
The activity (or activities), for example, may be a task to work on, or a discussion based on a set of questions or both.

For both paper presentations and workshop sessions please provide:

  • For each author: name, title, affiliation
  • Title of paper
  • Abstract (not more than 200 words)
  • Contact address
Please send abstracts by email to:

Closing Date for Abstracts: 14th February, 2005 (extended)

Acceptances emailed: 28th February, 2005